What can you use brush pens on?

The bristles are also longer, more durable and more flexible. This means that, whether you are a painter, draftsman or craftsman, you can use markers to paint, draw and sketch, as well as to write and color. The two tips of the Tombow Dual Brush Pen can be used to draw lines and all kinds of illustrations. I usually use the vignette-tipped end to draw, but if I want to mix thicker and bolder lines, I'll also use the end of the brush.

The tip of the pen is particularly suitable for writing by hand. The tip can be manipulated to create wide, medium or very fine lines. You can draw the letters in one tone and then superimpose other colors on the top to give the letters more dimension. Since it has a cylinder that is like a pen, they give you the control you need to write.

Dual Brush pens are without a doubt one of my favorite letter pens, both because of their quality and their versatility. Often, when you draw thick lines, the pen will be closer to 45 degrees, and when you make fine strokes, you'll naturally see that the pen becomes more perpendicular to the paper. The larger brush tips are ideal for fully highlighting words, and with the smaller brush tips you can underline, highlight smaller and even make circles in a fun way. Watercolor markers solve this problem by putting the best qualities of traditional watercolors into a single pen.

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