Should pens be stored flat or upright?

It seems to me that felt-tipped markers, such as whiteboard markers, Sharpies, Microns and markers, are best stored with the tip facing down. Pens and pens are best kept upright so they don't drip or get rubbery on the tip. Gel pens are best kept upside down. You can store them upside down for a few days here or there, but keeping them upside down for extended periods can cause ink to migrate downward and form an air bubble inside the ink.

If a gel pen has fewer followers (the transparent material at the end of the refill), storing it with the tip facing up for an extended period of time can ruin the pen. Horizontal storage is acceptable for a gel pen, but not as good for an extended period (months). People often ask if you should store your pens or markers backwards. As we said before, it depends on the type of pen or marker that is used to store it, but if in doubt, opt for the horizontal one.

In general, placing the tips vertically downwards is the safest technique. However, markers should be stored horizontally to prevent alcohol from evaporating. However, keep in mind that it takes a few strokes for the pen to work after storing the gel pens in this way. However, storing gel pens horizontally is also fine; most people tend to store their gel pens in cases.

A pen can is ideal for this, and you can use anything from an old cup to something more personalized and designed to store your pens. How best to store pens, for example, whether to store pens horizontally or vertically, or vertically, or vertically, or vertically, up or down, depends entirely on the type of pens. With a pen, you should keep the fibrous felt tip of the pen from drying out, so the best way is to store the pens vertically with the tip facing down. Ink innovation is increasingly advanced and many manufacturers claim that their pens can survive without their caps for up to 72 hours, but this is definitely not the best thing for your precious pens.

While in the next section I'm going to have more detailed instructions for a list of pens and markers, this part is for those of you who aren't sure what specific types your markers or pens are. Now that you know how to store your pens, here are 5 ways to keep your pen from losing your pen and some more tips on how to keep your pens from drying out. Caring for the pens will help you to fully use them from the moment you open the package until the ink runs out. So how do you store gel pens? The most appropriate way to store gel pens is with the tip facing up to keep pressure away from the tips.

These pens usually have replaceable tips that can be removed and cleaned or replaced if necessary, which extends the life of the pens. If you're not sure what type of pen you have, the following top tips will help you get the most out of your pens. A clean fountain pen can be stored in any direction without fear of damaging the pen or altering the ink. The best furniture for storing pens comes in a wide range of designs, although you decide if you prefer the pens to rest face up, face down or on their side.

The other advantage of using a pen case is that fountain pens tend to be more expensive than pens or gel pens, so it's a great way to keep them safe.

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