Do rollerball pens smear?

The problem is that the pen's generous ink flow makes it take a little longer to dry, which in turn makes it more prone to staining. Technically yes, any pen can stain. Stains occur when the ink hasn't completely dried and is brushed against it, causing it to flow across the page. Round-tip pens are popular among left-handed users because the liquid nature of ink can make it prone to staining.

For this reason, pens are often a better option for left-handed writing because they dry very quickly on paper. Pens can be a little rougher because ink is supplied more slowly, while round-tip pens produce more ink with each stroke than the pen, meaning that they often run out of ink faster than pens. Pens are suitable for those who enjoy a rougher feel in the hand, while round-tip pens have a smoother glide, which can be favorable for those who suffer from hand cramps, as they require less pressure. Round-tip pens tend to use liquid ink or, more recognizably, gel ink, unlike the viscous inks found in pens.

If you're looking for a pen or pen that writes smoothly and has minimal smudges, I would personally recommend a pen with gel ink. Ultimately, both pens have a very similar ink supply system, but the pens themselves are very different to use. This isn't a problem in and of itself, but I recently picked up a pen to use it, one from the back of the desk, and I instantly realized that everything about this particular pen didn't suit me and that my handwriting was almost unreadable when using it. The Caran d'Ache 849 Classicline pen has the traditional hexagonal shape of the famous Swiss pen and comes in a range of colors, making it an excellent pen for everyday use.

The Bullet Space Pen became the flagship of Fisher Space Pen Co shortly after its introduction in 1948 and has continued to become an icon of the American writing team and of twentieth-century design, after having participated in exhibitions at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Round-tip pens use more liquid or gel ink, which is more liquid than the pasty ink in a pen. As already mentioned, ink usually starts to coagulate inside the tip of the pen; since the pen is still working and wet ink can still get through this obstruction, the buildup will remain wet and cause the pen to stain against the paper while you write. Just because pens are less likely to get stained than other pens doesn't mean they can't or can't.

Gel ink pens have a good ink flow and, if you're looking for something softer, I would recommend a Lamy fountain pen with a wide tip.

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