Do ballpoint pens need a cap?

The pens use an oil-based ink that doesn't dry immediately even when exposed to air. I think the purpose of the cap is to protect your clothes. The ink doesn't flow on its own, but when the pen comes into contact with the small fuzzy fibers at the bottom of the pocket, the ink is extracted by capillarity. In the photo above there is a blue pen, a Bic Cristal, perhaps the most popular of all pen brands.

You can write with it and draw with it; maybe you'll end up with a masterpiece in your hands. Either way, you'll have a masterpiece in your hands: the pen itself is a work of art. There are two Bic crystals, one blue and the other red, that are on display at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. In addition, I have used a lot of pens without the top cover (the cap that goes into the top of the pen).

Other pen manufacturers have followed suit and have also added larger holes in the top of their pens, he added.

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