Do all types of surfaces work with a banner pen?

Most of the pens in the test didn't stand a chance on shiny surfaces. Whiteboard is an intelligent, free-form canvas for ideation, creation and collaboration in real time. You can draw, write and add images, just sign in with your Microsoft account to get started. All kinds of things can be antimicrobial.

In fact, humans have been using the antimicrobial benefits of certain molds, metals, and plant extracts for thousands of years. Do you want to guess which ancient civilization pioneered the use of antimicrobials? It's always a safe bet to go with the ancient Egyptians. Many different types of companies opt for banner pens, but charities in particular like these types of pens. Charities often have a great story to share.

Therefore, they may need a larger brand area to share details of their organization with customers. The group's best pens are compiled in the recommendation sections below. Most of them work well on tested surfaces, with the exception of fabric, which has a stand-out pen. Artists, scientists, engineers and even parents often have to write on non-paper media; to do this, they use pens that write on multiple surfaces, also known as multi-surface pens.

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