Can you use a banner pen on wood surfaces?

They're also easy to use and work with. Depending on the brand you choose,. Oil-based paint markers for wood are the best choice when it comes to writing and drawing on ceramic objects, as they can be manipulated, baked and washed and the paint won't peel off. Water-based pens are ideal for writing on wooden surfaces.

Depending on the brand you choose, these markers can produce vivid colors when used on wood. Before using the pen, we recommend sanding the surface to ensure that it is smooth and does not damage the tip of the pen. In theory yes, but always check the label. This is because some brands also make traditional markers and you don't want to take the wrong one by mistake, as this could ruin your design.

However, you should sand the surface before using the pen on it to have a smooth area to work on and not damage the pen. Artistro pens come in a set of 12 that includes white, gold and silver colors, something not offered by all brands of paint pens. Always check the label before giving a pen to a child, as you should only allow children to use pens that are non-toxic. Now, most people recommend storing the pen with the tip down or lying horizontally, however, the consensus is that the pen should never be stored with the tip up.

However, if you're brave enough and looking for a pen that offers more durability and longevity, oil-based paint pens would be the best option.

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