Can we use pen without cap?

The thing is that my EDC pen is a Parker Vector that was given to me a long time ago. A few years ago I managed to lose my cap and the store said that buying a new cap is not an option. However, they could give me a completely new pen at great discounts after misrepresenting the warranty a little. I was happy and quickly picked up the cover of the new pen and put it over the old one.

But that means that I have an intact vector tip and body in my drawer and it makes me sad to collect dust. I just don't know what to do with it. I have my EDC pen, my college note-taking pen and I have all the pens at home ready. Not to mention that it doesn't have a lid.

You'll have to use the cover to write if you don't think you're a poster with a fountain pen. Some people hold the cap with their non-dominant hand while they type. It's a great safety measure if you let someone lend you your fountain pen, since they can't take it away without damaging it or losing ink. The cap is an essential and integral part of any fountain pen.

Its function is to protect the tip and the cartridge from possible damage and to provide a simple and effective means of confining the ink that can accumulate around the pen at the base of the section. This prevents ink from staining everything that touches the tip. Not all covers include the additional component, an inner cover. Other pen manufacturers have followed suit and have also added larger holes in the top of their pens, he added.

Some people like to place the cap on the back of the fountain pen to create a different balance, since fountain pens come with a cap. The fountain pen placed can cause problems for people with large hands who hold the pen farther from the tip. It's important for fountain pen enthusiasts because different types of paper have different textures and these can affect the feel of each pen. The phrase “safety” means that the pen has the ability to fit tightly to the tip of the pen in an airtight manner, ensuring safety with respect to ink leaks.

The larger the tip, the better it will be to write with it; in addition, the pens of the more expensive fountain pens are larger than those of the cheaper fountain pens. You must put the cap on the back of the pen to create a balance and that is the art of placing with a fountain pen. If a placed fountain pen falls, it will fall on the heavier side, the one with the cap, instead of damaging the tip of the pen. They can be due to the pressure exerted on the body of the pen by the edge of the cap or by the ink inside the cap of the pen.

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