Are banner pens safe to use?

Do you have a complicated product that can be difficult to fully master? Include detailed technical instructions in your banner pens. It even has space to include a diagram that helps highlight useful data. Whether you're creating a map for a trade show or event, designing a map of a local university, or showing people how to find your location, maps can be a great way to convince customers to keep your pen and use it regularly. Many products include specific safety guidelines for proper use.

Other appropriate safety messages may include information about how to perform the Heimlich maneuver, how to rescue a person from drowning, or about appropriate behavior in a particular area or event. Do you have a calendar of major events related to your industry that will be held in the coming weeks or months? Your banner pen is a great place to include information about those events for all your customers. A list style function allows you to easily analyze the event that matters most. Calendars are also useful for places with seasonal openings and closures or with different times depending on the time of year.

Are there quick facts that would benefit people in your target audience, but that they would often forget? From including a list of things to pack for people traveling on business to offering a list of quick tips for families who take young children to restaurants, your pen with things to remember can be the most used item in your customers' wallets. However, in your removable pens you can include all the information that potential customers need to use the pen on a regular basis, and they will use it for more than just scribbling an occasional note.

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