Are banner pens durable?

Banner pens are effective at capturing attention. When the drop-down banner is first displayed, it's often completely unexpected and surprising. Banner-type pens (or scrolling pens) cleverly take advantage of the element of surprise. When it comes to print advertising, attraction is the first step in getting your message across.

A banner pen transmits your message with force and full attention. Basically, a promotional pen is a full-color, double-sided promotional brochure. Your banner pens will provide 40 square inches of valuable message space to your customers, nearly 500 percent more than an average business card. A custom banner pen has a retractable banner with a 180 mm x 70 mm (width) spring inside.

A practical product with a great message that focuses on repeat delivery. A practical promotional pen with a great message that focuses on repeated delivery. The first time the scrollable banner is displayed, it usually stimulates an excitable and genuine need to play with the pen. Give them a promotional pen and your message is more likely to be read over and over again while your customers display it at meetings, parties and other social occasions.

Your message is likely to be consummated by the activation of a genuine desire to play with a banner pen. Buy an “original” banner pen and you'll invest in quality and get higher ROI values in terms of effectiveness and efficiency.

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